Over 40 years of quality service, happy customers, and connections that turn into lasting relationships, our services are what set us apart and our people are the difference. We believe that no matter your industry, market or business, electrical failure is not an option, and you shouldn’t settle for a company who believes anything less.

Our dedication to our customers, a passion for excellence, and unyielding values of customer service, innovation, execution, and teamwork, are all what allows us to be ahead of the current, leading the industry in:

  • Design / Build
  • Machine Service
  • Commercial Contracting
  • Industrial Contracting
  • Institutional
  • Health Care
  • Lighting
  • Infrared

We bring our customers the quality electrical and communication services they need with experience when it matters most, and since 1973, we have specialized in:

Commercial & Factory Construction

New construction & remodeling

Medical Facility Construction

New construction & remodeling

Federal and State Facilities

New construction and remodeling

High Voltage

Control Panels

Highway Signals and Lighting

Contact us today and learn more about our service, our commitment to you and our team who we consider superheroes in safety vests, and let us help you with the quality and safety standards you’ve been searching for!