Financial Services

In the financial services industry, preventing any disruption in uptime of your technological systems, which depends on a continuous supply of power, is critical. The institutions in this industry rely heavily on technology to support complex business processes and handle large volumes of critical information. KT Power Systems has the experience, the resources, and the talent to give you the maximum uptime you need to succeed in today’s financial world.

At KT Power Systems, we’ve been helping our customers design, implement, and maintain the highest quality electrical systems since 1973. We understand the importance of an uninterrupted supply of power, and are ready to assist your company with its electrical and communication systems’ needs.


Electrical construction in the health care industry is both challenging and specialized, with stringent requirements for work completed. From hospitals and nursing homes and other medical service facilities, KT Power Systems delivers excellent results to our healthcare clients. We have become the industry leader by establishing a solid electrical contracting reputation in the healthcare industry in Southeast Missouri and surrounding areas. In addition to meeting all the industry requirements relating to the work we perform, we are focused on keeping patients, visitors and staff safe from the hazards associated with the construction process, and we are ready to bring that excellence to you.

Power Generation

When it comes to creating the energy that powers the modern world, it’s essential that you work with a partner you can trust to help you create affordable, clean, and reliable energy. We have decades of experience in the construction and maintenance of power generating plants, with sources ranging from fossil-fuels, to nuclear, solar, and wind.

KT Power Systems is currently working with power providers, enabling them adapt to the current economic and regulatory environment. As the industry shifts into more renewable power sources and takes advantages of the new abundance of natural gas, we will be there to help our clients make the transition.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and distribution facilities are a key element in your company’s value chain and instrumental in gaining an edge on your competition.  Downtime in one of these facilities leads to significant negative impacts in your current production output and routinely causes a butterfly effect along the supply chain which cripples your ability to meet customer demands. The short term costs related to this and the potential long term impact on your relationship with your customers are significant.

At KT Power Systems, we take a comprehensive approach to keeping your electrical and communication systems up and running, mitigating the risk of disruptions caused by a failure in your power and communication systems.  We are also committed to being a partner with our customers to ensure their employees are safe from the hazards associated with the construction process.

Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique challenges of the manufacturing and distribution industry, and knows what it takes to overcome those challenges. If you are looking to maintain your existing facility or expand, KT Power Systems has the proven capability to provide you with the electrical design and build solutions to fulfill your needs.


Today’s educational institutions require the latest, most advanced sources of technological innovations, especially when it comes to control systems for lighting, security, communications, and many other systems in order to provide the highest level of performance so that their students can, in turn, perform. One of our key focuses is the design, build and installation of these systems while providing trustworthy power sources so you have everything you need to succeed.

In addition, we are focused on keeping students, visitors and faculty members safe from the hazards associated with the construction process so that you know you are with a company you can trust.

Airport Lighting

We are passionate about what we do, and that applies to our airport runway or taxiway lighting, signage, electrical vaults, and rotating beacons as well. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to complete your project safely and correctly so you can rest assured knowing that we are doing everything in our power to make the airport safe.

Our commitment to being a partner with our customers and ensure their employees are safe from the hazards associated with the construction process, are just another reason why our clients prefer us.